Digitale Wissenswerkstatt

"Digitale Wissenswerkstatt" is part of "Produktionsschule Villach" in which young adults (with psychological disorders, development delay or learning difficulties) are trained and prepared for the regular labour market. In the module "digitale Wissenswerkstatt", the participants gain competences regarding digitalization and digital transformation of everyone´s daily life and the labour market. The learning content is adequate to the learning ability of the young adults. Lockdowns: the learners received worksheets (at the beginning analog, then digital) during the first lockdowns and then they used digital tools like learning games, apps (existing ones) in later lockdowns. The project is divided in 6 content-groups: digital transformation, basics of digitalization, media competences, basic internetcompetences, internet methods expertise, internet social expertise.

Target Audience
specific target group: young adults between 15 and 21 years with psychological disorders, development delay or learning difficulties
Level of Education
Type of Resource