Improving the Employability of People with Hearing Impairments – proHear Interactive e-Learning Platform



Erasmus+, 2017-1-PL01-KA202-038756

Type of resource:

Learning platform

Target group:

People with hearing impairments, differentiated by their employment status (inactive/ unemployed/ employed), and associations of people with hearing impairments


In 2018, the Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria, the University of Social Sciences in Poland, the Polish Association of the Deaf Lodz Department, the Public Institution Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre (VRC) in Lithuania, the National and Speech Institute of Iceland and the University of Iceland, created a platform that works as an online learning environment for a practice-oriented learning course.  The platform aims at providing integrated support tailored to the needs and specificities of people with hearing impairments, through the development of innovative training tools and materials, so as to increase their motivation and self-awareness, and create incentives for their acquiring of new soft skills necessary for efficient job search and employment performance.

Geographic coverage:

Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Iceland

Pandemic relevance:

Level of education:


Education setting:


Digital tools involved:

Documents and videos with sign language translation





Competences aimed:

  • Accessibility
  • Social skills

Level of implementation:

  • Social

Pillars of importance:

  • Successful contribution to the implementation of UNCRPD: The platform provides support tailored to the needs and specificities of persons with hearing impairments.                         
  • Innovation: The training content and proHear curriculum for hearing impaired persons are innovative in a national context.
  • Accessibility and inclusive education: The platform includes videos with sign language translation and addresses accessibility and inclusive education issues, through the development of these innovative training tools.


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