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Teachers, families, and vulnerable students


The Italian organization Piazza dei Mestieri supports young persons in their training for an occupation and their search for a job placement that fulfils their aspirations. The aim of the specific project that was implemented during the school year 2020-2021 was to foster digital competences in order to guarantee and improve the inclusion of vulnerable students, especially migrants and students with disabilities. The project foresaw different activities: 1) Teachers' training with the aim of encouraging the exchange of knowledge and experience on new models of educational intervention, in order to allow the replication and development of the project. 2) Students' training aimed at developing computational thinking and knowledge of digital tools and social media for teaching purposes. 3) Digital education and infopoints for families. The project gave the opportunity to families who do not have the possibility to borrow digital instruments.

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Par excellence

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Digital tools involved:

Loan of digital tools





Competences aimed:

  • Digital skills: fostering full citizenship and the development of digital skills through workshops and training experiences, extending and breaking new ground on the educational offer of schools.
  • Social skills: families had the opportunity to borrow digital equipment

Level of implementation:

  • Methodological
  • Learner’s
  • Social: families had the opportunity to borrow digital equipment


  • Successful contribution to the implementation of UNCRPD: The practice enabled people with disability to be active citizens of the digital society (Art. 5, 19,21,29).
  • Impact: Borrowing digital tools was key during the lockdown period, to allow students who did not have the financial capacity to follow the classes remotely. This allowed the young persons to not abandon their school. The feedback was positive and after the end of this project, another similar project was presented and financed.
  • Prospects: The project was scaled in the territory and the target was enlarged in the following project.
  • Accessibility and Inclusive Education: Loan of devices and training allow persons with disabilities to take advantage of the services and participate in the activities offered online.


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