Support me - educational platform in support of children with disabilities, their teachers and parents



Ministry of Education and Science and UNICEF

Type of resource:

Learning platform

Target group:

Children with disabilities, educators, parents


This project was implemented in 2021, with the collaboration of the regional Center for Support of the Inclusive Education Process in Sofia, the ministry of Education and Science and UNICEF. "Support Me" provides video learning materials and resources for children with special educational needs, developed by specialists and teachers. They are located in the Resources section of the platform and are structured in two sections - educational and therapeutic resources, some of which are publicly available, and others, which are more specialized, require a request from the parent. All resources in the platform are free for use.

Geographic coverage:


Pandemic relevance:

Par excellence

Level of education:


Education setting:


Digital tools involved:

Videos and documents containing educational and therapeutic resources





Competences aimed:

  • Accessibility
  • Other skills: Educational and therapeutic purposes

Level of implementation:

  • Methodological
  • Learner’s: Opportunity to use educational material, probably with the assistance of parents
  • Social


  • Successful contribution to the implementation of UNCRPD: With the assistance of the platform, education will be more accessible to children with disabilities, their teachers and families, in close cooperation with relevant specialists, will be able to gain knowledge and resources that will be more useful to children. 
  • Impact: The platform has positive impact in expanding the opportunities for children with special educational needs for additional support, throughout the country. During the first 30 months, 500 specialists (learners) and 200 parents will be supported. 
  • Co-production: The resources in the platform are created with the assistance of psychologists, speech therapists and teachers, and are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Innovation: "Support me" is the first Bulgarian educational on-line platform for children with disabilities.  
  • Prospects: An additional module will be added, which will facilitate the work and communication between parent, child and specialist. That will allow an individual support plan to be developed for every child, and each specialist will be able to select resources from the system to support the individual needs of children with special education needs.     
  • Accessibility and inclusive education: The platform, especially during a pandemic, will help teachers, parents and professionals to have free access to a variety of support resources. The platform meets the requirements for EN 301 549 - European standard for digital accessibility.


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